About The MiniDebConf Belo Horizonte 2024

From 27th to 30th of April, Belo Horizonte will host, for the first time, a MiniDebCamp and a MiniDebConf comprised of talks, workshops, sprints, BSP (Bug Squashing Party), and social events. And on 27th of April there will be another local edition of FLISOL - Latin American Free Software Installation Festival.

The MiniDebConf Belo Horizonte 2024 is an event open to everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge about Debian. The most important thing will be to bring the community together to celebrate one of the largest Free Software projects in the world. That’s why we want to welcome everyone, from inexperienced users who are just starting their journey with Debian to official project developers. In other words, everyone is invited!

MinidebConfs are local gatherings organized by members of the Debian Project to achieve goals similar to those of DebConf but in a national context. Throughout the year, MinidebConfs are organized around the world, as can be seen on this page.

MiniDebCamps are periods for Debian collaborators to meet and work together on one or more aspects of the project. This will be our Brazilian version of DebCamp, which traditionally takes place before Debconf. There will not be a program schedule with lectures, debates and workshops. We will only have practical activities such as software packaging, translations of Debian into Portuguese, BSP, etc.

This will be the fifth time that a MinidebConf will take place in Brazil. In Belo Horizonte there will be four days dedicated exclusively to Debian.

Parallel to the MiniDebCamp, FLISoL will take place. It is the largest Free software promoting event in Latin America starting in 2005 and happening simultaneously in multiple cities. Its objective is to promote the use of Free Software, showing the general public the philosophy, scope, advances and development. There will be a schedule of talks on various topics related to Free and Open Source Software.

Date: from April 27th to 30th

MiniDebConf Belo Horizonte will have different activities over the four days. See below a summary of the program and pay attention to the locations where the activities will take place so as not to get lost.

April 27h (Saturday)

On this day we will have tow events happening simultaneously: MiniDebCamp and FLISoL.

Important: If you are not planning to participate in the Debian community meeting, and just want to participate in the FLISOL activities on Saturday, there is no problem. You will continue to be welcome, but you will need to register here on the MiniDebConf website so we know how many people intend to attend.

April 28th (Sunday)

As UFMG will be closed, we will continue our MiniDebCamp in the Hotel (name to be confirmed) events room . But first, we will take people who came from other cities to get to know a little more about Belo Horizonte.

April 29th and 30th (Monday and Tuesday)

Check out the full schedule.